Please note:#

  1. Anything written to a blockchain is permanent and public. It cannot be deleted or edited
  2. You are solely responsible for any content you write to any blockchain via this service. So we include your Twitter handle/screen name in the data archived to the blockchain (see following example)
  3. By replying to a tweet with the hashtag #ToTheBlockchain (after you've setup billing) you will be charged immediately. There are no refunds.


  1. An account on Twitter
  2. An account here on with a valid credit or debit card
  3. Awareness/acceptance of the pricing

How to use it#

  1. Reply to any tweet with the hashtag #ToTheBlockchain
  2. That's it!

If you don't have a ToTheBlockchain account before replying to a tweet with #ToTheBlockchain, we'll reply to you telling you to setup your billing information.

Any text after the hashtag is currently ignored but in the future will be used as parameters (writing to different blockchains, copying specific metadata, etc.)

If there's text before the #ToTheBlockchain hashtag, then the archive will not be triggered. This was intentional so people can mention #ToTheBlockchain mid-sentence without triggering an archive.

What exactly happens after replying #ToTheBlockchain#

  1. We retrieve the metadata for the tweet to be archived
  2. We take a screenshot of the tweet (this screenshot does not go on the blockchain)
  3. We write the tweet (in the format below) to a Bitcoin transaction broken up 1 OP_RETURN output and multiple "fake" P2SH outputs. "Fake" because these outputs aren't addresses with known private keys but tweet data disguised to look like a key.

    OP_HASH160 TWEET[0..20] OP_EQUAL
    OP_HASH160 TWEET[21..40] OP_EQUAL
    OP_HASH160 TWEET[41..60] OP_EQUAL
    OP_HASH160 TWEET[61..80] OP_EQUAL
  4. We reply to the tweet asking for an archive with a screenshot of the original tweet being replied to and text saying that it is "on the blockchain" and a link to the transaction

The TTB-T prefix is a convention we're currently using for all Tweets written to blockchains via this service. We may end up removing it.


  1. Bob tweets "Hello World"
  2. Alice replies to Bob's tweet with the hashtag #ToTheBlockchain
  3. Our account immediately replies to Alice's tweet with a screenshot, and a link to the transaction which is unconfirmed (in the mempool)
  4. The following data will be written to the blockhain (note how metadata gets its own output, and the tweet text is last)
    OP_RETURN TTB-T,bob,986074763394321123,1523996979,alice
    OP_HASH160 Hello World OP_EQUAL // the tweet's text will be spread across P2SH (pay to script hash) outputs in 20 byte chunks
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